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Director of NTUU KPI Campus Telephone: 454-92-31


Campus Accountant Telephone: 454-90-07


Student Campus Council Telephone: 454-90-63


Hostel Dispatcher Telephone: 454-92-63


Electrician on duty Telephone: 454-20-84


Plumber on duty Telephone: 454-96-28


Gas company Officer on duty Telephone: 454-91-31


Fire alarm system Officer on duty Telephone: 454-95-97

The medical staff is highly qualified, and include general practitioners and unique specialists. Equipment include clinical laboratories, X-ray equipment, etc. Students are encouraged to make use of these facilities. Inoculations and vaccinations can be given.Medical care and rest of students and post-graduate students of NTUU "KPI". - See more at: http://kpi.ua/en/node/7269

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Campus Administration

On April 1, 2011 the delegation of Wroclaw University of Technology led by Prof. Y. Rusynsky, First Vice-Rector of WUT visited NTUU KPI. Prof. Y. Rusynsky had a meeting with the administration of NTUU KPI and discussed the issues regarding the cooperation between universities.

Prof. Y. Rusynsky and Prof. M. Zgurovsky signed the Agreement on Scientific and Technical Cooperation. According to the Agreement, National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” and Wroclaw University of Technology will collaborate in the following:

  • Official business trips of professors and teachers for lecturing, to exchange the information about teaching programs, and to reform educational process;
  • To exchange the scientific and scientific-methodical literature, and to conduct scientific consultations;
  • To exchange the working experience and information on methodology of teaching of qualified specialists;
  • Mutual invitation of teachers and research assistants to conferences, seminars, scientific symposiums;
  • Students training at the Preparatory Departments and at the Faculties, and the post-graduate study in the areas of international agreements and on the contract basis;
  • To exchange the working experience on computerization of educational process and research;
  • Publication of joint scientific articles in the journals of partner University;
  • Work on joint educational and research projects in the frameworks of bilateral and international programs, notably Tempus, Erasmuss Mundus, 7FP, and others;
  • Work on project proposals in the framework of complex, high-priority programs “Sustainable Development and Climate Change”, “Information Society”, “Energy and Sustainable Development”, and “New Materials and Technologies”;
  • Start the activity on establishment of Foundation for Academic Mobility of Students and Teachers;
  • Participation of students in the Summer Schools organized by Wroclaw University of Technology and NTUU KPI in different research areas, and also in KPI-Open (area of programming and information technology);
  • Collaboration between departments and faculties of Wroclaw University of Technology and NTUU KPI in the framework of “Double Diploma” (Diploma of two universities);
  • Cooperation of scientists at individual level: a scientist from Wroclaw University of Technology and a scientist from NTUU KPI;
  • Structural cooperation via consortiums, where Wroclaw University of Technology and NTUU KPI have a membership.
Centre of International Education

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