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Director of NTUU KPI Campus Telephone: 454-92-31


Campus Accountant Telephone: 454-90-07


Student Campus Council Telephone: 454-90-63


Hostel Dispatcher Telephone: 454-92-63


Electrician on duty Telephone: 454-20-84


Plumber on duty Telephone: 454-96-28


Gas company Officer on duty Telephone: 454-91-31


Fire alarm system Officer on duty Telephone: 454-95-97

The medical staff is highly qualified, and include general practitioners and unique specialists. Equipment include clinical laboratories, X-ray equipment, etc. Students are encouraged to make use of these facilities. Inoculations and vaccinations can be given.Medical care and rest of students and post-graduate students of NTUU "KPI". - See more at: http://kpi.ua/en/node/7269

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Athletics and Sports

Students are offered the chance to learn or improve their sport skills. These are in-door sports, such as swimming, boxing, basketball, weight lifting, gymnastics, wrestling, and others; and out-door sports, like skiing, athletics, football, ice hockey.

University coaches organize group and individual exercise sessions, offer a comprehensive fitness programs and consultations.

A range of indoor facilities are available on personal basis at sporting/fitness centers and athletic clubs (a certain fee is expected for membership at these centers).

There is a big stadium, football field, athletics sectors, race-tracks, volleyball and basketball playgrounds, tennis courts. For those who like competition, there are intramural leagues in a variety of sports. Tourism, hiking, diving, yachting are among other favorites.

Various championships, including the KPI Olympic Games, are conducted in different sports, such as in shaping, football, etc. - See more at: http://kpi.ua/en/athletics

Centre of International Education

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