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Timoshenko Stephen Prokopovych

Timoshenko Stephen Prokopovych (1878-1972)


Stephen Timoshenko is the father of modern engineering mechanics. He had a lot of publications and textbooks in engineering mechanics, elasticity and strength of materials still widely used nowadays.

Stephen Timoshenko got his university degree in the Saint Petersburg Railways Institute. After graduating in 1901, he was a teacher in this institution from 1901 to 1903. There he worked under the guidance of Professor Victor Kirpichyov. In 1905 he was sent for one year to the University of Gottingen to work with Ludwig Prandtl.

In the fall of 1906 he was appointed to the Chair of Strengths of Materials in Kiev Polytechnic Institute. From 1907 to 1911 as a professor of Kiev Polytechnic Institute he made a research in the earlier version of the Finite Element Method. During that time he also pioneered the research on buckling, and published the first version of his famous “Strength of materials” textbook.

Stephen Timoshenko developed the theory of elasticity and the theory of beam deflection. In 1918 he assisted Vladimir Vernadsky in establishing the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences - the second oldest Academy of Sciences in the Soviet Union after Russian Academy.

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