Pisarenko Georgiy Stepanovich (1910-2001)


Georgiy Stepanovich Pisarenko was born in December 11, 1910 in Poltava Region, Ukraine. In 1936 he graduated from Shipbuilding College of Gorky Industrial Institute (Russia) with the Diploma of the Specialist in "Ship Mechanical Equipment".

In 1937 he started his post-graduate study in Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Department of Steam Engines. In 1939 he got an Engineer part-time position in the Institute of Construction Mechanics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukrainian SSR.

The work in the Scientific and Research Institute in collaboration with well-known N.M. Krylov, N.N. Bogoljubov, S.V. Serensen, A.D. Kovalenko, I.M.Tetelbaum and other scientists allowed Georgiy Pisarenko to understand the problems of the strength and vibrations of mechanical systems, and to complete the experiments for his Thesis successfully. He defended the Candidate of Sciences Thesis in KPI on February 4, 1941. 7 years later he defended the Thesis of Doctor of Sciences. Georgiy Pisarenko became an Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in 1964.

Georgiy Pisarenko is well known as the founder of scientific schools of the strength of materials in extreme conditions, and vibrations of mechanical systems with energy losses. He founded the Specialized Institute of Strength Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Very important research on the strength of materials for the space rockets was completed under his leadership.

Georgiy Pisarenko initiated and leaded the theoretical and experimental research of vibrations in nonlinear dissipative systems, in research of absorbing properties of mechanical systems, methods of evaluation of vibrating reliability in high tense construction elements, in various aspects of strength of materials, including the behavior at high and low temperatures, high tension, pulse loading, under the influence of aggressive gas and neutron radiation, and in methods of estimating of the limits and the possibility of new constructional materials usage.

For almost 40 years Georgiy Pisarenko was a Professor of KPI, and was involved in education of engineers and scientists in Kiev Polytechnic Institute at the Department of Materials.

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