Lyulyev Lev Veniaminovich (1908-1985)


Lev Veniaminovich Lyulyev was the designer of Soviet antiaircraft artillery and antiaircraft guided missiles, took part in the design of first Soviet antiaircraft missile system Kroog (1958), took part in the establishment of Raduga Design Bureau, the Russian aerospace company developing the various missile systems and related technologies.

Lev Lyulyev was born on March 17, 1908 in Kiev. In 1927 – 1931 Lev Veniaminovich Lyulyev studied at Mechanical College of Kiev Polytechnic Institute. After graduation from KPI he got a position of Designer at Ukrainian Scientific and Research Institute of Agricultural Machinery. In 1933 started his work at Motovilihinskiy Artillery Plant in Perm as a Shift Engineer. He worked also as a Chief of Innovations Office, and as an Engineer-Designer.

In 1934 Lev Veniaminovich Lyulyev worked at the Section of Artillery Design, the Department of Lead Designer, Plant named after M.I. Kalinin in Podlipki near Moscow. Together with L.A. Loktev and G.D. Dorohin he became one of the prominent students and assistants of M.N. Loginov. In that time Lev Veniaminovich Lyulyev participated in design and manufacture of various artillery units and systems.

Together with the Plant he was evacuated to Sverdlovsk in 1941, where he was appointed to the position of the Deputy Chief Designer of the Plant No.8 (from 1994 known as a Joint Stock Company Machine Manufacturing Plant named after M.I.Kalinin, Ekaterinburg). During the Great Patriotic War more than 20 000 artillery units were manufactured by the Plant.

In 1947 Lev Veniaminovich Lyulyev was appointed to the position of Chief Designer of Sverdlovsk Machine Manufacturing Plant No.8, where he established the Department, which later was transformed to the Design Bureau of Antiaircraft Large-Caliber Artillery. In 1957 he designed the most powerful in the world antiaircraft gun КN-52.

One year later Lyulyev’s Design Bureau started to develop the antiaircraft missiles and missile systems. In 1958 Lev Veniaminovich Lyulyev got Doctor of Technical Sciences Degree.

Lev Veniaminovich Lyulyev leaded the design and manufacture of antiaircraft guided missiles and complexes, rockets-targets, anti missiles, mobile missile units, missiles for warships and submarines, and rockets-torpedoes for the Navy. He was awarded the Title of the Hero of the Socialist Labor of the USSR twice. In order to honor the founder and the former Chief Designer, the Joint Stock Company Design Bureau 'Innovator' is named after Lev Veniaminovich Lyulyev.

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