Lyulka Arhyp Mychailovych (1908-1984)


Arhyp Myhailovych Lylka was the prominent Soviet scientist, the designer of turbojet engines, the Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. He was awarded the Title of the Hero of the Socialist Labor of the USSR in 1957.

Arhyp Lylka was born on October 3,1908 in Savarka village near Kiev. After graduation from Kiev Polytechnic Institute in 1931 he worked at Kharkov Turbines and Generators Plant. In 1933 - 1939 Arhyp Myhailovych Lylka was teaching in Kharkov Aviation Institute being involved in the research of gas turbine application for the airplane engine. He proved the possibility to use turbojet engines for the high-speed airplanes. In 1936-1938 Arhyp Lylka designed his first turbojet engine (TJE).

From 1939 he worked in Leningrad Design Department of Kirovskiy Plant, and designed the first dual-flow turbojet engine, the prototype of existing turbojet engines. From 1944 Arhyp Lylka was the head of the Turbojet Engine Department in Moscow Scientific and Research Institute, in 1946 he was assigned to the position of the Leading Designer of TJE in the USSR. The airplanes equipped with engines designed by Arhyp Myhailovych Lylka held more than 20 world records in the late 50s and in 60s of the 20th century.

Arhyp Lylka made significant contribution to many scientific problems, in particular he has defined the limits on the speed of airplane with turbojet engine; has proved an advantage of axial compressors over the centrifugal one; has introduced the air pressure restoration coefficient for the input device of a TJE; has developed a method of gas turbine efficiency calculation based on the speed of exhaust gases; has introduced the concept of full flight efficiency of TJE; has developed the theory and method for height-speed characteristic calculations of TJE, has developed recommendations on new fuels for TJE etc.

For many years Arhyp Myhailovych Lylka was a Chairman of the Gas Turbine Commission at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Twice he was awarded the USSR State Award in 1948 and 1951. Soviet Government awarded Arhyp Myhailovych Lylka by numerous Awards and medals.

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