Lobanovskiy Valeriy Vasilievich (1939-2002)


Valeriy Lobanovskiy was born in Kiev on January 6, 1939. He started to play football when he was a kid. He was very talanted and finished high school with a Silver Medal.

Valeriy Lobanovskiy graduated from Kiev Polytechnic Institute, the College of Heat Power Engineering in 1960. Being a student he started to play in the football club Dynamo Kiev.

As a football player in the Soviet league for 10 years Valeriy Lobanovskiy had scored 71 goals in 257 matches and led Dynamo to the 1961 Championship.

He was the legendary coach of Dynamo Kiev in 1973–1990 and in1996–2001, guided Dynamo Kiev to eight Soviet League Championships, six Soviet Cups, five straight Ukrainian League titles (1997–2001), two European Cup–Winners’ Cups (1975 and 1986), the 1975 Union des Associations Européennes de Football (UEFA) Super Cup title, and the semifinal of the UEFA Champions League in 1999. Lobanovskiy turned Dynamo Kiev into a team of remarkable skill and talent.

In 1975 Valeriy Lobanovskiy was recognised the Best Coach in the World.

Lobanovskiy, who was known for his unusually strong emphasis on physical fitness and diet, also coached the Soviet national team, leading it to the second round in the 1986 World Cup finals and to the great final of the 1988 European Championship. After the breakup of the USSR. in 1990, he coached the U.A.E., Kuwait, and Ukraine national squads.

Lobanovskiy had always said: "My habit is to distance myself from non-sports situations. When I prepared my players for an important match, I told them that if the players will not give of their best in a match of any kind, they can't hope to win."

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