Chelomey Vladimir Nikolaevich (1914-1984)


Vladimir Nikolaevich Chelomey was an outstanding scientist in the area of mechanics and control processes, the designer of rockets, space and aviation objects, the Academician of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Vladimir Chelomey was the chief architect of the rocket "Proton", which is used till now, the satellites "Proton" and "Polet", and the space orbital stations "Salute". Chelomey's "Almaz" space station was designed to conduct orbital research into the usefulness of manned observation of the earth. It was to be dedicated to detailed high-resolution study of specific targets. Accordingly it was equipped with a very high resolution optical camera, infrared sensor, and optical sight for use by the cosmonauts aboard. "Almaz-T" launched as the spacecraft "Cosmos 1870" provided radar imagery to scientific and commercial customers for two years. A second Almaz-T was flown in 1991 as Almaz-1. This spacecraft was instrumental in the rescue of the expedition lost on the ice of Antarctica in the ship Mikhail Somov. No other sensor could locate the ship in the perpetual polar night.

Vladimir Nikolaevich Chelomey was one of the key creators of Soviet "Nuclear Shield".

Vladimir Chelomey was born on June 30, 1914. He studied in Kiev Polytechnic Institute from 1932 to 1934. He graduated from Kiev Aviation Institute in 1937, and began to work there as a teacher.

In 1941 he started to work in the Central Airplane Engines Institute (CAEI) in Moscow. In 1944 he has become the Leading Designer of the "Design Bureau #52", which is now well known as "Science and Manufacture Complex of Mechanical Engineering". In 1952 he became the Professor of Moscow Higher Technical University named after Bauman.

The scientific and research achievements made by Vladimir Nikolaevich Chelomey were related to machine design and machine dynamics, vibrations theory, dynamic stability of elastic systems, and the theory of servomechanisms.

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