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Bardin Ivan Pavlovich

Bardin Ivan Pavlovich (1883-1960)


Ivan Pavlovich Bardin graduated from Chemical College of Kiev Polytechnic Institute in 1910 specializing in metallurgy of steel and pig-iron.

After his graduation from KPI he spent one year at the metal plants in United States where he studied the manufacture. Then he returned to Ukraine, and in 1911-1929 worked on Ukrainian metal plants.

From 1929 to 1937 Ivan Bardin directed the construction of Kuznetsk Metal Plant as a Chief Engineer. He insisted to change the construction project provided by American Design Company "Frain". As a result the plant had increased manufacture from 400 thousand tons of pig-iron per year to 1,5 million tons.

In 1932 Ivan Bardin was awarded the rank of the Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR for the technical innovations and new construction technologies implemented during the construction of Kuznetsk Metal Plant. In 1940-1946 he supervised the design and construction of Cherepovets Metal Plant.

The scientific research of Ivan Bardin included design of completely mechanized metal plants; intensification of metallurgy processes using oxygen; research of new raw materials for steel industry.

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